Phased Approach to Add Job-Specific Training

Michael G. Johnson, CHRO, UPS

Michael G. Johnson, CHRO, UPS

Using HR solutions to improve effectiveness

Beginning in 2008, UPS began to transform our HR processes to provide solutions to the organization, to drive results and business outcomes. HR solutions can be demonstrated, in part, through our investment in technology. We committed to reduce the number of LMS systems used globally to a platform, to house our leadership development content, with a phased in approach to add job- specific training.

Another area where we have had great success is with talent development. We have Talent Development Managers that are the consultative arm of L&TD to senior leadership across the enterprise.

The areas in business environment where solutions do not yet exist or not up to the mark, and which if existed, would've made job easier

We are quite excited about the evolving capabilities of integrated talent systems. We are considering how integrated systems such as these can support our talent and rewards strategy.  While we are excited in the talent area, we are in the process of identifying how we can leverage the workforce “big data” that we have.

Technology trends impacting enterprise business environment

With nearly half of all the candidates carrying a mobile device and engaged on social networks, other organizations need to develop social content and a mobile strategy or be left behind.  One of the main themes rampant through our journey is that social media for recruitment is a marathon, not a sprint.

Big data and cloud- based computing provide an opportunity to access large amounts of information among many disparate sources that previously were not accessible to each other or integrated in a meaningful way.

My roles and responsibilities as a CHRO

The primary shift in the role has been facilitated by the pace of transformative change in the business which is paced by the speed of change in the world. Since the economic downturn in 2008 organizations have been fighting their way back to stable profitability and growth results. The headwinds have been a still unstable domestic economy, rapidly changing global economy, recent legislation (Affordable Care Act), and uncertainty in Washington(budgets, tax rates, sequester, etc.).

Lessons learned and advice to fellow HR executives

I think the biggest lesson learned and still learning is ensuring you have buy in from all the senior stake holders before committing to an initiative.  This is critical because if it’s not important to the senior leaders, then the initiative will not be successful.

Clear governance is essential. Effective process design, technology, and good intentions are wasted if governance for the process is not established and secured along with the authority to enforce it.

Relying on the best of breed solutions to steer transformational initiatives within the organization

During 2012, UPS attempted to acquire the Dutch package delivery company TNT Express. Even though the acquisition did not succeed, HR was able to leverage best practices in pre- integration planning and especially culture audits. UPS recognized the importance of identifying cultural similarities and differences between the two organizations, identifying change leaders within both organizations, planning for what aspects of the combined culture could change, and planning steps to help newly acquired employees to successfully adapt to UPS.

“We are committed to reduce the number of LMS systems used globally to a platform, to house our leadership development content, with a phased in approach to add job-specific training”

During our US Transformation in 2010, which involved not only structural change, but changes in management responsibility and skills, HR utilized leading edge simulation technology to help District Managers and their new staffs to understand and gain practice time with the new challenges they would face.

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